T00160_Trainer Ngà

Ms. Ngoc Nga's main competence is consulting on building and implementing L&D system; intensive vocational training, coaching and capacity development programs for managers, sales, customer care, internal trainers and high performing teams... Ms. Nga has more than 15,000 participants across industries (e.g. insurance, banking, real estate management, telecommunications, aviation, healthcare, education, non-profit organizations, public administration, universities etc)and levels starting from frontline staff to Senior Management and more than 50 seminars and projects in Vietnam

T00112_Trainer Vân

With more than 7 years of in-depth involvement in all levels of Operations, especially in Quality Analysis, Training and Planning to develop employee; in which 5 years in management roles (Team Leader, Supervisor, Manager) under E-commerce, Consumer Finance and Banking industries, I well approach of new technologies and market trends, with the ability to formulate strategies, make decision and plan with confidence; able to combine business acumen with innate leadership abilities to recruit, build and retain top performing individuals skills