T00156_Trainer Phương

Trainer Phuong has more than 11 years of teaching and listening experience at many businesses and schools

T00118_Trainer Tuấn

Consulting, consulting and supporting urban areas and apartment buildings in Vietnam

Has been and is becoming a leader in planning and implementing professional development.

Advisor on investment, merger, project purchase and sale, reinvestment in real estate model projects in Vietnam

T00110_ Trainer Hiền

 I used to be a lecturer to train technical construction, safety, skills, English, strategy…for many companies, Training Center, Universities (HCMC of Technology, Technology and Education, Van Lang). 
As the Managing Director position of the Consulting Company who runs all of the company's  projects, I have good leadership, motivation and convince team and management skills. 

T00091_Trainer Lũy

Strong leadership, management and knowledge about organization people guide for the plant commissioning as well as project management . 
Training for maintenance team about preventive/ predictive and proactive maintenance. 
Knowledge about manufacturing , maintenance , sales and marketing at least 30 years experience in industry plants .