Danh sách nguồn nhân lực

T00033_ Senior Trainer Consultant Nga

I carry more than 22 years of working experience and got extensive track records as strategies and management in the field of: Manufacturing, FMCG, Retail, Property Leasing, Architectural design, Airlines Transportation.

T00170_Trainer Tú

With over 15 years of dedicated experience in the dynamic field of human resources, I've had the privilege of working within some of the most esteemed multinational corporations, honing my expertise in understanding the intricacies of nurturing and empowering talent within these global landscapes.

T00158_Trainer Hoàng

With nearly 5 years of experience in learning & development, workshops organization and internal communication at Coteccons Groups, I believe I have the ability and experience to apply for this position. This is the area that I love and determine to stick with for a long time on the path of personal career development. I look forward to accompanying and contributing to the development of your company in the future.

T00154_Trainer Phong

Experienced Human Resources management with a demonstrated history of working in the packaging, food & beverages, logistics industry. Skilled in Change Management, Learning&Development, Talent Management, Organization Development, Strategic Planning, Employee Engagement, and System. Strong human resources professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Law from University of Economics and Law.

T00145_Trainer Lan

Strategy in HR – Build Headcount and Budget, Restructuring in HR System
Performance Appraisal (KPI), 3P (salary), Total Reward
Policy, Internal Communication, Training & Development Talent Acquisition, Employer branding, Culture

T00134_Trainer Cường

As a professional lecturer, with more than 23 years of experience teaching corporate training courses with many topics on Corporate Administration, Corporate Strategy, Business Incubation, PR, Marketing, Corporate Security, Corporate finance, and some other specific soft skills

As a guest lecturer for business training programs of VCCI Hanoi, VCCI Da Nang, VCCI Vung Tau, VCCI Khanh Hoa, VCCI Can Tho, Vcci thanh Hóa

T00085_Trainer Quốc

Experienced in building HR competencies and also in training roadmap or framework.

Deliver all soft skills, strategic planning, managerial, leadership, coaching, sales management, customer service, communications or interpersonal skills

T00108_Trainer Bích

With more than 18 years of experience in Training Management and Business Development business, has been in charge of important management positions in the corporations such as: Eurowindow, VinaCert, Thinkbig Group, Post Office VN,

T00107_Trainer Thảo

More than 11 years of expertise in HR and Operation Management. Results driven leader who communicates with impact and has extensive experience in a high volume, fast paced dental laboratory. Lead the largest Dental Laboratory in Vietnam (and SE Asia) with 1,900+ employees and directly supporting 60 Dental Laboratories in the USA.  Hired as an Executive Assistant in 2008 and progressed to VP of Operations in 2018.

T00102_Trainer Hằng

Experience in many jobs, many different positions: Human Resources Director, Business Development Director, Executive Director of many types of businesses, many different industries from medium scale, large to corporations . Along with graduating from three different majors: Law, IT, Business Administration and being a proactive Education Expert in internal skills and expertise as well as a Training Expert at businesses and corporations outside.

T00086_Trainer Nga

Prefer to work for diversity group which has high regards for HR career and people care & development.
Expectation for career development & inspiration to young talents & women as well as contribution to community

T00066_Trainer Thủy

More than 15 years working for domestic and foreign corporations.

Passion and desire to develop in the field of Training & human development.

T00055_Trainer Phương

  • Lecturer, consultant on system construction, small and medium company restructuring in Vietnam.
  • Practical experiences in Human Resources Management as well as in HR administration system in Vietnamese companies, foreign invested corporations.

T00043_Trainer Bảo

Experienced in HR strategy, Organizarion restructuring, Talent aquisition and retention, HR Operation, Human Resources Business Partner, Learning and Development.
Experienced in HR initiatives in multi industry such as Education, Energy, FMCG,Automobile and Pharmaceutical.

T00041_Trainer Thu Hiền

With nearly 18 years of experience specialized in Human Resources strategic management, Leadership Management, Risk management, Organization Design and Development in big corporations/ multinational companies

T00036_Trainer Thuận

  • With more than 4 years of professional experience in HR Business Partner and 6 years of professional experience in Facilities, Office & Workplace Management of the largest assembly and test manufacturing of global company. I am the people connection, creative, customer and details oriented. 

T00018_Trainer Thành

Master of Business Administration 2011

Environmental health and safety certification issued by ERM & Nike & APO

Certified Lean Manufacturing, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHA 18000, Risk Management,...

T00017_Trainer Mai

Having more than 25 years Human Resources experience in Multinational Companies of different Industries from Life Insurance, Healthcare and Agriculture & Feed Industry.

T00013_Trainer Trang

Trainer Vo Thu Trang graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Academy of Finance and OP University in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. Besides, she also has certificates from universities and multinational corporations as follows:

T00012_Trainer Uyên

  • Lead HR Team to develop and implement business strategy

  • Train and coach HR staff to be professional and expert in HR

  • Lead HR Projects during the transformation

T00010_Trainer Nguyên

Deep understanding of human resource management system.

As the author of the Human Resource Management System solution system:

  •  Salary Scale System based on Work Value – PositionQ
  • PersonQ Competency Assessment System
  •  Performance Evaluation System – PerformQ.

T00003 _ Trainer Đại

Trainer Dai has more than 30 years of experience and holds senior leadership positions in domestic and foreign corporations.

He is a strategist, organizational administrator and "architect" in billions of dollars in commercial transactions for private economic corporations in many countries over the past 30 years.