T00191_Trainer Minh copy 1

With more than 20 years of experience in Life Insurance as a role of training team head as well as Agency Development manager in training and boosting agency team. Training expert in pushing the active ratio of new agents up to 60% and leading the top business result.

T00099_Trainer Trung

My value "I will devote my time for beloved family, faithful love, passion jobs, growing myself"

T00180_Trainer Vân

Vân has more than 18 years of experience working, managing and implementing strategies and training programs, developing human resource capacity in multinational corporations operating in many different industries.

T00190_Trainer Nhung

More than 10 years of training experience at businesses and organizations in fields such as Finance and Banking, Entertainment Media, Film Production, Fashion, Cosmetics.

T00179_Trainer Quốc

I have had 10 years of experience in the field of sales and retail sales management, retail sales, project sales, also participated in training sales team team

T00178_Trainer Kha

If we own some abilities, we don’t have to prove that we owned - Those abilities will be recognized immediately by a wise man.

T00160_Trainer Ngà

Ms. Ngoc Nga's main competence is consulting on building and implementing L&D system; intensive vocational training, coaching and capacity development programs for managers, sales, customer care, internal trainers and high performing teams... Ms. Nga has more than 15,000 participants across industries (e.g. insurance, banking, real estate management, telecommunications, aviation, healthcare, education, non-profit organizations, public administration, universities etc)and levels starting from frontline staff to Senior Management and more than 50 seminars and projects in Vietnam

T00139_Trainer Vụ

Training on work skills, applied thinking, and personal development to improve the quality of human resources in businesses, corporations & organizations in Vietnam.

Counseling and psychotherapy (Coaching), directly consulting & implementing psychological healing processes in many areas of NLP.

T00138_Trainer Cường

Apply experience in training and human resources development skills to bring in a team of professional and skilled staff, improve service quality for businesses, and create a solid foundation for businesses to develop and advance.

T00134_Trainer Cường

As a professional lecturer, with more than 23 years of experience teaching corporate training courses with many topics on Corporate Administration, Corporate Strategy, Business Incubation, PR, Marketing, Corporate Security, Corporate finance, and some other specific soft skills

As a guest lecturer for business training programs of VCCI Hanoi, VCCI Da Nang, VCCI Vung Tau, VCCI Khanh Hoa, VCCI Can Tho, Vcci thanh Hóa

T00127_Trainer Thư

By applying in this role at Manulife, this will give me the opportunity to support agency maintain effective sales activities, measure performance result, and share solutions that can enhance customers experience, improve business quality, and drive business growth.

T00117_Trainer Tú

As a professional trainer, I possess knowledge of diverse fields and excel in beauty and selling skills. A demonstrated high-ranked trainer with over 6 years of experience in cosmetics and cosmeceuticals industry grasping knowledge and delivering results more than expectation, with a proven track record of achievement of both team and personal goals.

T00108_Trainer Bích

With more than 18 years of experience in Training Management and Business Development business, has been in charge of important management positions in the corporations such as: Eurowindow, VinaCert, Thinkbig Group, Post Office VN,

T00101_Trainer Ngọc

Training and coaching on CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - Leadership and management, business and professional skills such as internal teaching skills, communication, presentation, sales, customer care, motivation for the team…

T00097_ Trainer Trân

An experienced, leadership and change advocacy facilitator, who works closely with senior executives and their teams in achieving individual development both performance and career growth.

T00093_Trainer Dung

Directly inspire on stages, seminars, sales opening events, motivate on real estate stages...Regular guest of professional sales training programs, handling objections, skills Negotiate and close sales in various fields. Take on host and moderator roles in special events about real estate and investment.

T00092_Trainer Mỹ

  • My highly committed and passionate approach to training engages students actively and actively throughout the learning process.
  • My training style is a harmonious combination of theory and practice, theory and practice to help students get a comprehensive view of the subject. After learning, easy to remember and easy to apply.

T00090_Trainer Hải

Dynamic professional with over 22 years of experience in strategic planning, financemanagement & advisory, corporate tax, treasury and audit. 
Leadership coach and trainer withexperience in delivering customized learning solutions that suit clients’ needs.

T00085_Trainer Quốc

Experienced in building HR competencies and also in training roadmap or framework.

Deliver all soft skills, strategic planning, managerial, leadership, coaching, sales management, customer service, communications or interpersonal skills

T00084_Trainer Thắng

I am the man with 20 years experiences in sales & marketing with B2B,B2C and Retails channel in companies like Daikin, Samsung, VTA, FPT retails, Metro cash & Carry,Viettel, Vicostones, P & G…

T00080_Trainer Hưng

  • An English Teacher for 26 years at English schools in HCMC
  • A trainer for 12 years at 5-star hotels in HCMC and Vung Tau
  • Coming from Hue City
  • Graduated from Hue University of Education (Pedagogy)

T00075_Trainer Đoan

  • Possessing a strong technical background and solid management experience, along with fifteen-plus years of being proficient and skillful in software development.
  • Successfully built and launched large and complex projects involving resources from HR, FA, and IT divisions, spread across multiple fields of business.

T00074_Trainer Triều

Over 15 years of experience in business management, training, and strategic planning positions in the banking and finance industries at local and foreign banks such as Techcombank, Eximbank, HSBC, Vietcredit...

T00070_Trainer Yên

With 25 years of experience in training, coaching and human resource development in the fields of sales, service, management and leadership from middle and high levels, he is currently one of the prestigious lecturers. , the most popular motivational speaker in the market specializing in providing training, coaching and speaking services.

T00070_Trainer Yên

With 25 years of experience in training, coaching and human resource development in the fields of sales, service, management and leadership from middle and high levels, he is currently one of the prestigious lecturers. , the most popular motivational speaker in the market specializing in providing training, coaching and speaking services.

T00053_Trainer Thạnh

With the motto "Taking students as the foundation", along with a gentle, confident, friendly style, effective training methods, enthusiastic spirit, and willingness to share, during the learning process, students are Encourage skills practice right in class. In the course, as an instructor and supporter, Ms. Phuoc Thanh applies interactive learning methods for students to proactively acquire new skills through activities such as group discussions, role-playing and other activities. other activities. realistic movement.

T00040_ Trainer Thủy

  • SUMMARY Self-employed, Freelancer.
  • MBA. Training Manager, Business Coach & Trainer. Training & Coaching for all enterprise position levels.
  • Learning: Learning Need Analysis, Learning programs design, Conduct - Assessment; Goals - Budget.

T00029_Trainer Sang

Entrepreneur | NLP Trainer | NLP Trainer

Founder of HappyKey Academy | HappyKey Training & Coaching

NLP Application Trainer is internationally certified by the American ABNLP association

T00025_Trainer Nam

He has many years of Inhouse & Public training experience. He is in charge of teaching Sales, Trade Marketing courses. Topics he is teaching: Sales B2B & Professional B2C, B2B & B2C Sales Management, Leadership & Management, Strategy Management & Excursion, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Effective Presentation Skill, Customers Service Skill, Project Management, Performance Management, Trade Marketing, Strategic Distribution, Planning & Excursion, Team Management, Change Management,....

T00023_Trainer Vĩnh

Appreciated by students and partners as an engaging and engaging lecturer with extensive professional knowledge and useful practical experience. Student satisfaction rate in training courses is always over 90%...

T00018_Trainer Thành

Master of Business Administration 2011

Environmental health and safety certification issued by ERM & Nike & APO

Certified Lean Manufacturing, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHA 18000, Risk Management,...

T00006_Trainer Hạnh

With more than 18 years of experience, Lecturer Hanh has held positions of CEO, senior manager, consultant, trainer, lecturer - training expert in many fields at companies. , domestic and foreign corporations.

T00004_Trainer Chính

30 years of practical experience in sales, sales management and company administration.

20 years of teaching business to nearly 100 thousand students and hundreds of companies.