T00180_Trainer Vân

Vân has more than 18 years of experience working, managing and implementing strategies and training programs, developing human resource capacity in multinational corporations operating in many different industries.

T00171_Trainer Long

Desire to contribute to building a sustainable development Organization and raising it to a new level. All operational decisions are oriented towards business focusing on strategic customer segments, balancing the interests of customers, shareholders and employees. With the operating motto: Leaders set an example so that we can build a strong corporate culture that prioritizes sales culture.

T00160_Trainer Ngà

Ms. Ngoc Nga's main competence is consulting on building and implementing L&D system; intensive vocational training, coaching and capacity development programs for managers, sales, customer care, internal trainers and high performing teams... Ms. Nga has more than 15,000 participants across industries (e.g. insurance, banking, real estate management, telecommunications, aviation, healthcare, education, non-profit organizations, public administration, universities etc)and levels starting from frontline staff to Senior Management and more than 50 seminars and projects in Vietnam

T00139_Trainer Vụ

Training on work skills, applied thinking, and personal development to improve the quality of human resources in businesses, corporations & organizations in Vietnam. (Construction programs suitable for different levels)

T00134_Trainer Cường

As a professional lecturer, with more than 23 years of experience teaching corporate training courses with many topics on Corporate Administration, Corporate Strategy, Business Incubation, PR, Marketing, Corporate Security, Corporate finance, and some other specific soft skills

As a guest lecturer for business training programs of VCCI Hanoi, VCCI Da Nang, VCCI Vung Tau, VCCI Khanh Hoa, VCCI Can Tho, Vcci thanh Hóa

T00108_Trainer Bích

With more than 18 years of experience in Training Management and Business Development business, has been in charge of important management positions in the corporations such as: Eurowindow, VinaCert, Thinkbig Group, Post Office VN,

T00101_Trainer Ngọc

Training and coaching on CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - Leadership and management, business and professional skills such as internal teaching skills, communication, presentation, sales, customer care, motivation for the team…

T00097_ Trainer Trân

An experienced, leadership and change advocacy facilitator, who works closely with senior executives and their teams in achieving individual development both performance and career growth.

T00092_Trainer Mỹ

My highly committed and passionate approach to training engages students actively and actively throughout the learning process.
My training style is a harmonious combination of theory and practice, theory and practice to help students get a comprehensive view of the subject. After learning, easy to remember and easy to apply.

T00083_Trainer Huy

Mr. Huy has been deeply experienced in insurance & banking industry for over 20 years. He has kept senior management &  training positions in multi-national Insurance Corporation and Vietnamese

T00085_Trainer Quốc

Experienced in building HR competencies and also in training roadmap or framework.

Deliver all soft skills, strategic planning, managerial, leadership, coaching, sales management, customer service, communications or interpersonal skills

T00080_Trainer Hưng

An English Teacher for 26 years at English schools in HCMC
A trainer for 12 years at 5-star hotels in HCMC and Vung Tau
Coming from Hue City
Graduated from Hue University of Education (Pedagogy)

T00052_Traine Kỳ

Trainer Ky currently holds the position of Head of Training Department of Management Department (formerly Head of Research and Training Development Program Department), and is also a senior training expert of Bao Viet Group. his main

T00045_Trainer Diễm

Experienced Human Resources with a demonstrated history of working in the recruiting and training industry. Strong program and project management professional master graduated from ROME BUSINESS SCHOOL.

T00047_Trainer Hằng

I’m a Certified Coach & Trainer, on pathway to get the ICF certificate, specialized in career, leadership coaching, to help people growth to reach their maximum potential, build resilience ability to adapt to change. In my coaching practice I use the Positive Psychology theory about aware of and activating one’s Signature character strengths to boost the performance. By activating the best within us we will reach the career’s goals and enrich our life.

T00036_Trainer Thuận

With more than 4 years of professional experience in HR Business Partner and 6 years of professional experience in Facilities, Office & Workplace Management of the largest assembly and test manufacturing of global company. I am the people connection, creative, customer and details oriented. 

T00035_Trainer Trí

40 years of Work Experiences About Agriculture, FMCG, F&B at various significant roles as Managers and Directors

T00031_Trainer Tường

After 35 years working at Enterprises, including over 20 years at Foreign Enterprises (such as Pepsi, ICMC, Bao Minh CMG, Theodore Alexander,...). He was born in 1956 and is currently doing freelance training and consulting work.

T00027_Trainer Dương

I have more than 16 years working at Multinational Companies where I acquired my solid knowledge in Sales, Marketing, Business Development before taking up different roles in HR area including HR Business Partner, Organizational Development; Academy Lead and Country Head of People Capability.

T00025_Trainer Nam

He has many years of Inhouse & Public training experience. He is in charge of teaching Sales, Trade Marketing courses. Topics he is teaching: Sales B2B & Professional B2C, B2B & B2C Sales Management, Leadership & Management, Strategy Management & Excursion, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Effective Presentation Skill, Customers Service Skill, Project Management, Performance Management, Trade Marketing, Strategic Distribution, Planning & Excursion, Team Management, Change Management,....

T00023_Trainer Vĩnh

Appreciated by students and partners as an engaging and engaging lecturer with extensive professional knowledge and useful practical experience. Student satisfaction rate in training courses is always over 90%...

T00021_Trainer Trị

10 years of teaching Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) Psychology

23 years of training experience (both English and Vietnamese) in Higher Education Business Administration

25 years of research and teaching on group behavior/organizational culture (CHMA measurement model and application)

T00016 _Trainer Hương

Talk-shows about Employabilities Skills for students of The National University of HCM City
Talk-shows about Importance of Living Skills in this Digital Era for students of the University of Labor and Society, HCMC

T00011_Trainer Loan

Is a visionary, trustworthy and capable leader with a foundation for success in dynamic situations.
Establish long-term and sustainable relationships with partners and domestic and foreign companies in a globally competitive operating environment.

T00009_Trainer Khiêm

28 years of experience working at large corporations and multinational companies;

Over 11 years in a Leadership role, in-depth experience in factory management and good knowledge of production and feed systems (Animal feed, shrimp & seafood, and Premix plants) 

T00005_Trainer Bình

Is an official lecturer of the Business Edge program sponsored by the World Bank. As a guest lecturer of the Better Work program sponsored by the International Labor Agency ILO.

T00004_Trainer Chính

30 years of practical experience in sales, sales management and company administration.

20 years of teaching business to nearly 100 thousand students and hundreds of companies.

T00003_Trainer Đại

Trainer Dai has more than 30 years of experience and holds senior leadership positions in domestic and foreign corporations.

He is a strategist, organizational administrator and "architect" in billions of dollars in commercial transactions for private economic corporations in many countries over the past 30 years.

T00002_Trainer Hoài

Instructor Hoai has more than 18 years of experience in the field of training and human resource development. Mr. Hoai has accumulated training experience through 12 years of working experience at multinational companies.

T00001_Trainer Nhật

More than 11 years of experience in the field of training, has directly trained more than 25,000 people; consulting on building corporate culture; Skills training for leaders and managers; Sales training, customer service.

T00191_Trainer Minh

With more than 20 years of experience in Life Insurance as a role of training team head as well as Agency Development manager in training and boosting agency team. Training expert in pushing the active ratio of new agents up to 60% and leading the top business result.